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How to build an online store for t-shirts

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How to build an online store for t-shirts

A T-shirt is a basic top garment that can be on its own or can be paired with an upper. The name T-shirt is derived from the traditional style of shirts, which were T-shaped. In the olden days, t-shirts were round-necked tops paired with short sleeves. Over the years, the shape of t-shirts has evolved and changed and nowadays there are different types of t-shirts available in the market. After covid 19, the volume of online sales has increased drastically. The market size of the Online Original Design T-Shirt Sales industry in the US has grown 9.4% per year on average between 2018 and 2023 and is expected to increase this year also. This is the most lucrative time to start an online business owing to the high demand of t-shirts. I will try and help you to launch and open an online store by following the steps given below:

Choose a Niche

Whenever you plan on starting a business, you have to first find your target market. Target market is the market you cater to. A niche is a subset of the total market that an entrepreneur plans to cater to. To, outshine your competitors is to provide a specific interest group with what they want. If you are targeting a generic market then you may get lost in the process. You have to be very focused when you are targeting a niche. There are many different ways to find a niche

Interest-based: Firstly you can see what style of shirts interests you it can be inspired from a book, a movie, TV show, sports, or a social movement. If there is a legitimate niche for the products that interest you it can be the core of your business. A  legitimate niche is a genuine and viable market segment having authentic demand or opportunity.

Trending items: It is important to be abreast of fashion trends, especially in the ever-changing world of fashion which is pivotal for success. Google Trends indeed serves as a potent resource for assessing the popularity of various styles and designs. Google Trends helps you to filter down your search and concentrate on specific trends, thus saving time and facilitating in informed decision-making.

Additionally, engaging in specific communities and forums is a great way to get a better understanding of what your target audience wants. By actively engaging in these communities, you can get a better idea of which designs are most popular with your target audience, so you can tailor your designs accordingly. For example, if you're targeting sports fans, music lovers or gamers, you can understand their interests and preferences and create designs that really speak to them. Combining data from tools such as Google Trends with community forum insights, you can stay ahead of the competition and create clothing designs that reflect the current trends.

After you’ve identified your niche, develop a detailed business plan that outlines your objectives, values, barriers, and expectations; then get to work on making that plan a reality.

Look for Quality Materials and T-shirt Printers

When you have decided on your niche, you will have to find out about the suppliers of your product. As you know different t shirts are made from a variety of fabrics. The first and foremost thing to find out is quality material to make your business a success you should also find out which fabric is of good quality for plain shirts and for printed shirts.

You shall always prioritize quality over your profit. In the beginning, you may have to sacrifice profit because building brand identity and your customer base is more important. Always test your fabrics and make sure the colour or the fabric doesn’t get dull after a few washes.

The best way to keep a quality check is to make a list of all the checkpoints that are important while buying a fabric. This includes sizing, softness, weight, quality, and material. You shall also consider which gender you want to cater to whether it is males or females or unisex shirts. When you decide on the kind of  t shirt or t shirts that you have to sell, you shall find a suitable supplier for plain shirts or printed shirts or both. Then check the online reviews of the suppliers and try and order some samples. After ordering the samples you can test their quality first hand to make sure they are the best fabric to use in our business.

You’ll also have to decide whether you want to order shirts in bulk and store them in a warehouse or, most likely, your garage or spare room. This will cost you money, especially if you need to hire a space to keep your designs. A more convenient alternative is to work with another company and operate a print-on-demand service, where each t-shirt is made to order. Sure, you’ll have to pay your partnered business for their materials and time, but you won’t have to worry about looking after your own stock.

Make Your T-shirt Designs

When you have sourced your material and have provided your checkpoints to the supplier. You have to look into how to design them.

If you have an artistic flair or are a graphic designer then you can use Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop to design your products yourself but this will become a tedious process as you have dozens of other tasks in hand.

The best way to get your t-shirt designs done is by contacting a graphic designer and searching the best sellers on Red Bubble and zabble for inspiration purposes. Then the designer and you can coordinate and you can discuss your ideas and whatever the designer recommends. The designer can then come up with a design or designs as per your interest. One of the important things taken into consideration while building a design is to create a logo that is unique and catchy. This will not only give your brand recognition but customers will be able to identify with your brand due to this logo.

Mockup Your T-shirts

 After getting your designs made from the graphic designer it is imperative to showcase your designs through mockup images. Mock-up images help customers visualize how the design will look on the garment.

There are many ways to obtain these images. You can order a sample and model the shirt yourself or you can hire a professional model. You can also create digital representations without the camera.

Adobe Photoshop templates are widely regarded as the top choice for crafting mock-ups, given their extensive popularity. These templates enable rapid previews of designs and feature multiple layers for precise adjustments in colors and styles. Furthermore, they seamlessly integrate your design with the shirt's natural folds, contours, and creases, ensuring a realistic portrayal.

For those who may encounter challenges with Photoshop, numerous online mock-up generators are available. These platforms offer accessible alternatives for creating mock-ups without necessitating advanced design skills. Alternatively, delegating this task to skilled professionals on platforms like Fiverr presents a convenient avenue for obtaining bespoke mock-ups tailored to your needs.

Validate Your Online T-shirt Business

Before committing funds to your business idea and embarking on an entrepreneurial endeavor, it is essential to ascertain the existence of a market and interest in your t-shirt store within your identified niche. There are several methods available to validate this market and progress with the online sale of shirts.

One approach involves sharing your designs on your social media profile or within niche-specific social media groups where potential customers congregate. It is crucial to seek feedback from your target demographic rather than relying solely on input from friends and family, as their opinions may be biased.

Furthermore, Reddit provides a platform for soliciting candid criticism and feedback on your t-shirt designs. With numerous subreddits catering to diverse interests, you can directly engage with your niche market, reaching out to them for genuine evaluations. Active involvement in these communities may even cultivate a dedicated following of customers and supporters for your business.

Register your business

To ensure the authenticity of your business it is crucial whether it's a full-time commitment or a weekend venture. It is important to register your online business as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) per US laws so you can get access to benefits such as business loans, tax advantages, and additional branding prospects. This official stamp of approval enhances the credibility of your t-shirt business significantly.

Set Up Your Online Store

After completing all the groundwork you are now ready to set up your online store. This is essential for an online t-shirt business. Your online store functions as your marketplace, the first point of contact, and the prime opportunity to translate interest into sales and foster a dedicated following. Consequently, it's imperative to craft an online store that deeply connects with potential customers.

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