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Q: How do I place an order? 

Ans: Place your order by phone, email or fax. For more information on placing an online visit our website at 972-707-0557 and speak with one of our friendly staff members.  


Q: How do I pay for my order? 

Ans: Payments for our products can be made using several different methods. You have the choice between paying by credit card (on-site), check or money order; if you prefer not to use any form of electronic payment, we also accept purchase orders. If cash is how things go down best, then don't worry because all prices listed here.


Q: Do I get to see a "sample" before you print my order? 

Ans: We want to make sure your final product looks exactly as envisioned, so we'll send you a copy of the art before it goes into production. 


Q: How long does it take to receive my order? Are rush orders accepted? 

Ans: Custom printed products typically take 2 weeks to produce. We offer rush service with shipping in as little as two days on many items, including t-shirts and yoga uniforms. If you have an exact date for when your garment is needed, then contact our customer support team. They'll be able make sure that we get it delivered on time so there's no hassle from start (or finish) point of view either way. 


Q:Will I receive an order confirmation?

Ans: Yes! You'll receive an email confirmation if you place your order by e-mail, fax or online form. Make sure to sign and return that with the appropriate deposit or credit card information for processing time efficiency reasons.  


Q: Will I be notified after my order has shipped? 

Ans: You'll be the first to know when your order ships. We will also call and give you a courtesy reminder about any money due for this balance. If it's not in our shop (mostly promotional products), then we won't send out shipment notifications but still want those tracking numbers if requested. 


Q: What kind of artwork files do you accept? 

Ans: We gladly accept most types of art files. The ideal formats are: .cdr (CorelDraw), .ai, Adobe Illustrator, pdf, jpeg, Microsoft Word, Power Point etc.


Q: How do I get my artwork to you? 

Ans: You can email your art to us (please keep the file size under 10 meg). You can place your artwork on a FTP page and we can download it. You can also fax us at 972-707-0557.  


Q: My artwork needs some "touch-up." Is there a charge for that? 

Ans: Unfortunately, we can't provide any details on the artwork charge yet. Our sales department will be in touch with you soon to discuss this further.


Q: I have several designs; do they all add up as 1 order? 

Ans: No. Every design is treated as a separate order, and everyone requires their own screen setup for press printing or distribution purposes. 


Q: Do you offer 2X, 3X, 4X, etc. size shirts? 

Ans: We offer up to 6X on some of the garments that we carry. However, not all colors are available in these size shirts, and you'll need a call or email for availability before ordering.


Q: Will the printing fade on my shirts after a few washings? 

Ans: You may have heard that screen-printing is the only way to go when it comes down to getting your logo on clothes. We wanted you all in our community of stylish individuals who care about quality and durability, so we did some research into which method would be best for us. The printed images are very durable due to their direct contact with fabric using plastisol ink - this means they'll hold up even after many washings without fading or wearing away too much around edges where there's no pigment involved (like white shirts).