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cookie policy

cookie policy

A cookie policy is a legal document created to inform site visitors that you’re using cookies — and how — on your website, web app, or mobile app.

Maintaining proper cookie compliance requires your cookie policy to include the type of cookies collected, the methods used to obtain the information, the reasons why cookies are being collected, and an explanation of how users can manage their cookie preferences.

Cookies Policy vs Privacy Policy

A cookies policy is used solely to discuss the use of cookies on your website or mobile application and to outline whether you share cookie data with third parties. While cookies were initially limited to the sites that users had visited, technology can now track user movements from site to site.

The collection of tracking information needs to be presented to users, along with the ability to opt out of having information tracked. If this is not an option, your users may choose not to continue on your site, and you may violate certain laws.

A privacy policy is used to disclose information about how your business collects, shares, and treats your consumers’ data. Mandated by data privacy laws worldwide, privacy policies should clearly and explicitly detail which personal information (PI) is collected, why it’s collected, with whom it may be shared, and how users can control their data.